Wednesday morning

Good morning all well the saga of the coffee machine continues I got a phone call yesterday to say that basically the machine was not repairable.  They are due to deliver it back to me today but I think I am going to suggest they put it in the scrap instead.  I have of course ordered a new one and am hoping that it will be fitted next Wednesday.  The one I have chosen is a Meile built in bean to cup machine.

The only problem I foresee is that I will need a pilots licence to operate it.  With any luck and a following wind I might have it some time next Wednesday.  What a joy it will be to have coffee back on tap.  

Yesterday was a really messy day I had forgotten that I had agreed to pick Len and Margaret up from the garage while they had their MOT and service done.  The other bit I forgot was that they would be camping at mine.  What I didn't realise was that there was a service due as well so they were with me until 12 midday.  Which meant that I did nothing in the kitchen so lunch had to be pasties from the bakers and the boys got some chicken and chips for supper.  Not very healthy but expedient.

Tubby had a lovely birthday, first a swim and a run before breakfast then some quiet sunbathing munching on a tooth cleaning chew until the corners of the pasties were on offer then off to bed for his afternoon nap.  Chappie was on the menu for supper as were plenty of bits of chicken and finally and nice marrow bone biscuit for bed. What a lovely day even I am jealous sounds like a great way to celebrate a birthday!!!! even if you are not a dog.

Yesterday was moving day next door and we now have a family with two kids and a third on the way. As yet I haven't introduced myself I though I would give them a chance to settle in.  However Dan spotted that they were the wrong people and decided to bark at them so he has announce his presence. He is not a very vocal dog and hardly ever barks unless there is someone at the front door which is actually useful as I seldom hear the bell if I am at the back of the house. Fortunately he doesn't bark at doorbells on the TV.  One of my previous dogs couldn't tell the difference which caused a bit of confusion.

Well that is the saga for today as ever the kitchen is mess and I need to get something out of the freezer for lunch and put out the rubbish for the bin men so time I got a move on.  Have a great day all.

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