Wednesday morning

Good morning all - I am sitting here with a cup of real coffee at last.  The engineer turned up at about 4.30pm and installed a new brew unit but there is still a small part which is broken however it doesn't affect the machines performance so until that has arrived from Italy and the engineer fits it I will have no idea of what the bill will be.  However, one thing is for sure it is should be cheaper than a new machine.  In the mean time I am just happy to have decent coffee to drink.

After reading Annes comments yesterday I have signed myself up to a course which is free unless you want a certificate, which I don't as it is mainly for my own benefit and entertainment. I have already done a practical course in dog first aid which is actually the same as human. When I come to think about it I have studied all my life.  I started the horticulture course immediately I retired again purely for my own benefit though you would never believe it if you saw my garden now. While I was away my plants didn't get watered and Dan had a bit of a digging session so I have lost a few more.  I am tempted to repurchase and this time bring them on in pots until they are a bit larger and more able to withstand the hiccups in the weather.  With our temperate climate we are very lucky to be able to grow a good variety of plants. Our soil, while very fertile, is alkaline in nature so all I need to do is avoid the acid lovers.  Needles to say I would love to grow azaleas but they really don't like chalk.  I think this is just like people who have curly hair want straight and brunettes who want to be blonds. The grass is always greener and all that.  This reminds me of a girl at school who had naturally ash blond hair and while we were all diving for the peroxide she had her hair dyed mouse brown.  Why do we want what we cannot have!!!!

I managed to deal with most of the salad stuff but no sooner had I emptied the fridge than my veg box arrived and there was more salad ingredients.  The multitude of courgettes got made into pancakes with cheese and a bit of red pepper and they are disappearing quite quickly.  I had a head of celery which I braised and have put in the freezer and some little french beans have also been cooked and will be on the lunch menu for today.  I have lots of sweet potatoes which I though I would make into roast wedges.  I can see todays lunch being a mezze of vegetable dishes and crusty bread.

Last night was rather chilly and it is only 12ºC at the moment but I believe we are in for a scorching heat next week.  I am OK until we get near the 30ºC point when I turn into a pumpkin and just lie in a heap and wait for it to cool down.  My heat tolerance seems to have diminished with age no more sitting in the sun I head straight for the shade.  When it is very hot I long for a swimming pool but I know how much work is involved and for a few days a year it certainly isn't worth it.

Well thats about it for today time to get the rubbish out for the bin men and get the day underway.  Have a good day all and I am glad you approve of my new study idea.  The course starts in a couple of weeks time so in the mean time I will have a look at obtaining the books on the reading list and do a bit of pre reading.  I am a great believer that no knowledge is ever wasted.
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