Tuesday morning

Good morning all and thank you for welcoming me back.  Yesterday was one of getting back in the groove so to speak.  I finally dealt with a pile of laundry that has been sitting around for weeks waiting to be put away.  I must say that I feel that my batteries are recharged and I have a bit more get up and go than I have had for a while.  It did me good to challenge myself to the long drive, no sat nav, just memory and I only made one mistake at the far end which I soon rectified.  It sounds silly but it has boosted my self confidence and the successes with the little dog were also a great boost for me. This has led me to thinking that there must be lots of people who have dogs they don't know how to handle and could use some help.  To this end I thought I might enrol in an online course in dog psychology not that I have any ideas of taking it up in a business sense I would just feel more comfortable with some deeper knowledge behind me.  There are numerous courses available costing anywhere from £300 to £900. I think it might do me some good to do a bit of study which would give me a new purpose in life.  I find myself giving medical advice but with that I have the confidence of not only experience but also a good background knowledge.  The same would apply to dog training and psychology but I don't have the knowledge base only the experience.  I have always advised people with new puppies to attend classes which is not only good for the owners but great socialisation for the dogs.  The great thing with an online course is that I can do as much or as little as I feel like and I am not tied to attending classes. I did my horticulture studies when I retired but that was a block release course which was much more demanding on my time and energy. What do you think?

Today Denny is due as is the engineer for the coffee machine so I will be well occupied.  Denzil is a day off so we will be four for both meals.  At the moment all I know is we have tons of salad ingredients to eat up so what ever we have will be with a big salad.  Denzil has volunteered to dig me a hole for my new rose if I show him where to dig.  It will be good to get it in the ground and give it the autumn to settle in.  I am also feeling more inclined to do some weeding as my new ground cover plants are being smothered. 

Well that about it for today time I got going have a lovely day all it is beautifully sunny here.....
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