Tuesday morning

Good morning all yesterday was a nice quiet day and as it was the first day of the dog course I got stuck into the material.  As a former teacher I appreciate the way it is organised. You get a video lecture then a copy of the slides used in the lecture followed by 2 questions in the multiple choice style to confirm your understanding.  What a brilliant way to teach.  The lectures are only 30 minutes so you don't have time to get bored and let your mind wander.  The lecturer is Professor Hare who, to my eyes, looks like he should still be in short trousers OMG I really am getting old.  Anyway a very enjoyable way to learn.  There is one aspect of the course that I don't quite understand it is not compulsory but helpful.  There are lots of games to play with your dog which test various type of cognition and the results are fed into a huge data base which is used for research - great idea if you want a very large sample but here is the catch they charge you to get the games - if they want data you are doing them a favour by suppling it so why should you pay them?

Now to the saga of the glasses which went missing I turned the house upside down looking for them in every conceivable place.  I had picked some figs so I even checked the garden all to no avail then yesterday I went to pick more figs and there they were on the floor. I can only surmise that they must have fallen off my head, where they sit when not in use, and got stuck in the tree then with the big wind they fell on the floor where I found them unharmed.  Mystery solved!!!

This morning I am off to have breakfast with Sandie so I can restock my coffee supplies needless to say we are going through it at a rate of knots.  However, I'm sure the novelty will wear off it is just fun watching it do its thing and it gives you prompts to tell you what needs doing.  It even washes itself before and after your coffee session.

Ok time to get going just one more coffee and I will be fit to face the day.
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