Tuesday morning

Good morning all we have a lovely sunny start to the day and a cloudless sky so maybe we are in for a good day.  However I have noticed that it is often gorgeous around dawn but then it quickly changes.

Today is James birthday but he wants no fuss and par lava so that is fine I asked him if there was anything special he fancied for his lunch/dinner but he is just happy for it to be another normal day.

Yesterday was a red letter day I finally managed to get Mike in the shower, he needed quite a bit of help but that has always been on offer.  I hope that now he might feel a regular shower might actually make him feel better in himself.

My visit to the GP has resulted in me being sent for a chest x ray and spirometry, however,  the earliest appointment is 23 September, so no rush then, and he has doubled my SSRI's.  If you remember I inadvertently took a double dose and felt pretty wooly headed  so I am not looking forward to the increase but I expect I will get used to the extra in time.  I hope they don't make me feel too off colour until I settle down and get used to them.  Anyway fingers crossed it is not too awful. In the mean time I have a month to do something about my fitness levels which are currently zero.

I had a lovely chat with the lady next door who seems very pleasant.  She is fond of gardening and when I suggested she might like to chop down some of my bamboo which is against her fence she was horrified as she loves the bamboo.  She also asked if we would mind if they parked overhanging our dropped curb which I was only too happy to agree to.  We don't use it so there is no reason they can't. Parking is always a contentious issue in the road as we get people from other roads parking extra cars in our road which makes it all a bit of a pain.  

There is no news on the coffee machine front I am going to be so delighted when it does eventually arrive.  I am really rubbish at waiting I want everything yesterday. 
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