Tuesday morning

Good morning all another sunny one and thankfully yesterday didn't get too hot it stayed within reasonable limits.  I got to grips with the kitchen and once I had tidied up the washing up took no time at all.  What made it look so bad was the fact that stuff was scattered far and wide and there wasn't a square inch of work top to be seen.  While I was heavily embroiled in the kitchen James ran to the bank for me so that saved me a job.  The basic pizza  that Denzil had brought home got doctored with extra mozzarella basil and olive oil before its blast in the hot oven and with it we had a rice salad and a huge green salad.  Supper was also an easy one with the stock from the chicken I made some soup with tortellini which turned out to be much more substantial than I first thought.  I left a portion for Denzil when he got home at midnight but I strained the tortellini out of the soup so they didn't absorb all the liquid and become soggy lumps of pasta.  Everything has gone so I assume he managed to work it out but the washing up is still waiting for me.  However I have no complaint I wouldn't start washing up at midnight and he does his fair share of chores around the house.  

Short one this morning as I have to go and collect Len and Margaret from the garage where they are leaving their car for its MOT and as it is much closer to me than to them they are going to camp out at mine until it is done.  I have just over half an hour to have a shower dress and get to the garage so I think I had better get a move on.  Have a great day and lets hope this lovely weather is with us for a bit longer.

PS It's Tubby's birthday aged 3 and fully grown up now
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