Tuesday Morning

Good morning all, well we finally got the rain we so desperately needed it rained for most of the night.  It has stopped now but everything is still dripping.  

I am bubbling over with excitement as I am going to Bristol on Friday.  As my hotel is fully booked I can no longer have friends to stay so I am off to visit them.  It is ages since I have driven that far but it is all motorway until junction 20 of the M5.  They actually live the other side of Bristol and most of the route planners take you straight through the middle of the city which is hell on wheels so I am going to stick to the motorways it may be few miles more but easier driving.  The drive should take 3-4 hours depending on the traffic and it will give me a chance to run in the new car.  

The dogs are staying at home with the boys but I have been asked to help out a lady who has a 10 month old springer beagle cross who has just discovered naughtiness.  He has no recall skills so I will do some practice with him and hope to demonstrate how to deal with a disobedient dog.  I have a horse lunging rein which is a useful tool to let the dog think he is free to do as he pleases without him actually being loose.  The hardest thing for us humans is to praise a dog who returns after you have been trying to get him back for an hour and all you really want to do is kill him. The other thing to remember is that every time you call he hears you and knows you are there so why return.  The poor thing has had a very mixed puppyhood and this is his third home so he must be a bit confused.  I will do what I can in the couple of days I am there but it is a long slow process of constant reinforcement and not something you accomplish overnight.  He will be quite high maintenance as both springers and beagles are crazy energetic working dogs so he will need a firm hand.  I am happy to help but in the end training classes might be the answer I always advise anyone with a new dog to go to classes as it is really good socialisation practice for both dog and owner.

I finally got round to marinading the meat overnight but today is hardly a day for a barbecue so I guess it will have to be the grill, I am not one for barbecuing in the rain.  This is something you often see on camp sites men under umbrellas barbecuing. We have not a glimmer of sun just thick cloud so there may well be more rain to come.

Well thats about it for today my mind is totally on the weekend trip I have packed my bag in my mind over and over.  I think I need two bags one for me and one with dog training aids and my secret weapon, frankfurters I have yet to meet a dog who isn't crazy for frankfurters.

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