Thursday morning

Good morning all.  Yesterday was sheer hell here by lunch time my outdoor thermometer hit 37.8ºC and we were just sitting about melting and trying to get cool.  In the end I found evaporation was the answer I did myself over with some cold water then sat in front of the fan.  Even the dogs were miserable panting and trying to find somewhere cool.  Dan was flat out on the bathroom floor which is tiled and Tubby sat in front of the fan.  I certainly didn't feel much like cooking so we ate out of the fridge.  

Now for some really good news my coffee machine is coming tomorrow afternoon along with some fitters.  I am delighted, oh how I need a good cup of coffee I am sick of this instant stuff.  I know that lots of people are quite happy to drink instant but you really can't beat the real thing.  I suppose it boils down to what you are used to kind of like butter versus margarine.

According to the weather forecast it should be a bit cooler today and I have flung all the windows open while there is still some cool air to be had.  I think I may have to move to the arctic circle it is so much easier to get warm than cool.  We don't have time to acclimatise to the heat as it is usually only a few days a year when it is scorching hot so not worth air conditioning or a swimming pool.  My heart goes out to those who have to work in the heat.  I can remember when our air conditioning broke when I was in theatre and we ended up putting towels all round the floor with buckets full of ice to try to keep the temperature down.  The operating light adds 10ºC and if you have to wear a lead apron for x rays then it becomes unbearable.  I can remember taking off my gloves only to find my hands were like prunes!!!

The tide is up so Denzil has taken the dogs swimming which I am sure they will really enjoy in fact I quite envy them.  I will have to make do with a shower.  

What a disaster in Italy with this latest earthquake natural disaster kill plenty why do we need to join in and kill each other with stupid wars.  I was reading some stats yesterday in which you are 4 times more likely to be shot in America than in the UK.  This world is a crazy place filled with crazy people I am coming back as a dog!!!!!
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