Thursday morning

Good morning all we are under a blanket of cloud but what we really need a good few hours of rain the soil in the garden is like concrete. I believe we might be in luck tomorrow and better it rains while people are at work than at the weekend which spoils outdoor events. Mind you in typical British style not much gets cancelled due to rain.  There is always a mac and an umbrella in my car just in case.

I am off to Shiona's this morning, I have left the men a fry up for lunch and have some lemon soles being deliver for either supper or tomorrows lunch.  In this very hot weather I must say a fillet of fish and salad makes an ideal meal.  Nice and light and easy to prepare, much as I like cooking slaving over a hot stove in the summer is not something I relish.

Denzil brought home some kebabs from the cheap shop at work and we had them for supper last night.  As you know I am not one for ready made stuff but these were truly delicious as all there was were lumps of chicken divided by slices of chorizo.  They were so nice that I think I may well make up several batches and put them in the freezer.  Absolutely ideal for a warm evening with the ubiquitous salad.  The fat in the chorizo adds flavour and stops the chicken from drying out. Really simple to prepare and stretches a small amount of chicken a long way I think between the four of us there was probably only one large chicken breast.

I am counting the days until the new coffee machine arrives there is a possibility that it might come next week some time failing that it will be the week after.  I managed to get hold of the engineers who had the old machine and suggested they bin it which they agreed was the best option and all I had to pay for was the call out fee of £66 but at least they didn't bill me for the part they had tried to install and saved me a trip to the tip.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get the show on the road.  Have a good day all
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