Thursday Morning

Good morning all another damp drizzly start, I wish it would get on and rain then cheer up.  It's not even enough for the garden but just enough to spoil your day.  I am off over to Shiona for lunch some how I don't think we will be sitting in the garden.  I will take the dogs as they have such blindingly good time.

Lunch yesterday turned out to be a weird concoction I had one flat iron steak which I frightened with the griddle pan and then finely sliced this went along with a green bean and garlic salad some creamed spinach and some braised celery all helped down with some crusty bread.  It was much better than it sounds and certainly motored through the vegetable overload.

In keeping with my character I have started the pre-reading though the course proper doesn't start until 28th.  I think this is a really good idea and what a way to while away those long winter evening learning a new skill and I wont have to leave my armchair.

Well I am running a bit behind schedule so I will keep it short and sweet.
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