Sunday morning

The forecast storms never materialised here but it looks like it might rain today the sky looks heavy and the breeze is chilly.  I spent quite some time yesterday trying to work out Flickr as a cousin of mine was after some photos of our relatives.  I think we have managed to link up at last and I,
1] found the things and 2] managed to upload them but it was a slow task as I hadn't got a clue what I was doing. Anyway finally after much mucking about we managed to connect and swap photos.

We are now having endless fun with the coffee machine making everything on the menu and just standing in awe it appears like magic.  Sorry to be a bore but it really is a lovely toy. I think we will all be bouncing off the walls with caffeine overdose.

I haven't given lunch a thought yet so I think I had better go and look in the freezer for something. We have been living on cold meats and salad during this hot weather.  So I may make a big pot of bolognese so we can have the odd pasta meal.  The sauce freezes so well and defrosts quickly while the pasta is boiling.  Pesto is even easier but I don't have any at the moment nor the ingredients to make some.

OK I will keep this short as time is marching on have a good day all..............

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