Sunday morning

Good morning all I am up late as I had one of those on again off again nights where you just keep waking up.  Yesterday I was prepared for bad weather but we really didn't get much, the wind was no worse than it often is and yes it did rain but nowhere near enough.  The plants look a little perkier but they really could use a soak. Today we have cloud and sun and it is very pleasant.

Denzil stopped off at landrover yesterday and they confirmed that they has sold me the wrong mats so they are going to drop off the correct mats on either Tuesday or Wednesday.  This will at least save me the 40 mile round trip to change them.

I haven't given up my garden completely and to that end I spotted a deal with Thompson Morgan who have on offer a plant I really fancy as it has all year round interest.  The plant is hydrangea quercifolia snow queen.  Here are two pictures of the plant lifted from google one in flower and one with autumn colour.

The plants are substantial as they are delivered in a 3.6 litre pot so I have bought one for me and one for Shiona who also expressed an interest. This is great as there will be no urgency to get them planted they should be happy in their pots for a while.  They are due for delivery at the end of September by which time they will arrive as a surprise as I will have completely forgotten I have ordered them.  I am due a garden shut down visit from the gardeners in October so maybe they can dig me a hole and get the plant in the ground and provided we don't have the winter from hell they should survive.

It is only one week from the commencement of my course so I am looking forward to that and have done the pre-reading. Interestingly there was nothing that came as news to me as my interest in dogs has been life long and I have picked up quite a lot en route.  There has to be some benefit in growing old and I am pleased to be able to use a life time of experience.

James has done me a huge favour this morning and has gone off to Aldi to do the shopping which means I can just slop around at home and get the washing and ironing done instead.  Today is Denzil's longest day so we will be three for both meals unless I leave him a plate of food for when he gets home.

Anyway I had better show willing and get the kitchen cleared up before the next load of food arrives.
Have a lovely day all, in the time it has taken me to type this the sky has turned black and I guess we are in for more rain.

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