Sunday morning

Good morning all.  I got myself distracted this morning and forgot to sit and scribble a few words. With no lovely hot cup of coffee to keep me company would you believe we don't even have any instant.  Anyway the chicken is in the halogen merrily roasting away and will make a bit of sage and onion stuffing to go with it. Roast spuds and peas, carrots and gravy should complete the meal.

Yesterday was sunny and warm but today it is cooler and we are deeply in cloud with hardly a glimmer making it to the ground.  It is warm and very still so no wind to blow away the cloud blanket.

When I woke this morning it was 6am but I was convinced it was 6pm Saturday I must have slept so soundly I have no memory of it. A very confusing start to the day with the sky so dark I though it must be evening.

Denzil has just gone off to work so time to get the vegetables on
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