Saturday Morning

Good morning all I am a happy bunny this morning as I am sitting here typing with a lovely cup of coffee from the new machine.  The men arrived quite late yesterday afternoon but the machine fitted beautifully into the gap. It is so shiny that it is difficult to take a photo as all you get are reflections.

My bed time reading was the instruction manual - it is tremendously sophisticated and you can even program it to make drinks for individuals and it stores them in its memory. It has a touch screen like a smart phone and for the moment we have left the factory settings until I have got my degree in aeronautical engineering and feel able to tackle tinkering with it. Actually it is pretty idiot proof if you can read as it prompts you to take each step.  As I drink my coffee black I haven't yet tried making big cups of frothy coffee with the milk attachment that will be todays little excitement.

Thank goodness the tremendous heat has dissipated and we are back down to liveable figures and we even have a gentle breeze which is wonderful. Dogs have had their morning swim and are now happily collapsed and snoozing.  Swimming is very good exercise for them and they recon that 20 minutes swimming is equivalent of an hours walking.  Dan is the swimmer as he is supplied with paddles for feet poor Tubby only has little paws so he doesn't stand a chance against the paddle steamer.

Well that about it for today I am off to clear up the kitchen which is carefully out of shot of the photo and then I can play cups of coffee to my hearts content.
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