Saturday morning

Good morning all yesterday I just seem to have wasted my time and got nowhere.  I contacted the company who are doing the coffee machine for an update only to discover that they didn't have one in stock so they are waiting for delivery from the manufacturer so they themselves have no idea when it will be available.  Great so that was a dead end then I rang landrover and they had a set of rubber floor mats in stock so I drove over to Aylesford which is some 20 miles away I picked up the mats and drove home and asked the boys to fit the mats only to discover they are the wrong ones so Denzil is going to take them back after work.  His head office is in Aylesford so he had taken the landrover to work today so I am carless for the morning.

Now on the positive side I egg and breadcrumbed the fish fillets but they were so huge I could only get one at a time in the frying pan and as usual I got more egg and breadcrumbs on my fingers than on the fish.  It really is a messy process but I do love it and I always set out to keep one hand dry and one wet but somehow it never works out that way. I always manage to egg and crumb both myself and the kitchen.  Anyway it was well worth the mess as the fish was delicious I served it with a big pile of runner beans and a couple of new potatoes.  I have potatoes left over so I haven't decided yet whether to make sauté potatoes or a potato salad for lunch.

We eventually got some rain but it was rather feeble and nowhere near enough but according to the forecast we are in for more wet weather and today we have a weather warning as we are due for some very strong winds.  There is no sign of anything at the moment it is sunny and fairly still.  However I have just spoken to my friend Angela in the west country and the rain and wind is on its way.  With this in mind I will plan for an indoor day sadly there is always plenty to do around the house.

Anyway I hope you all have a good weekend despite the weather.
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