Saturday Morning

Good morning all, not such good news on the coffee machine front they came yesterday and took the machine away so I am back with no coffee and who knows when I will get it back.  On the better news front I got my rose planted, Denzil dug me a decent hole and it was plain sailing after that.  One thing it did highlight is just how dry the ground is. That little bit of drizzle the other day did nothing but damp the surface.  I need to get out with the secateurs and do some dead heading and clip back a wisteria which is going mad.  It is going to be a warm one today so that is more of an evening job.  

For lunch yesterday I did a batch of sweet potato chips which were tossed in soy sauce and oil before putting in the oven and I must say the soy certainly added a dimension.  I also did a tomatillo salsa which was a novelty and OK but not something I will be rushing to buy in future. The tomatillos came in my box of vegetables along with the recipe.  For my money they taste like under ripe tomatoes but with less flavour somewhat like a nondescript apple.

As we had fish yesterday today I am going to do some chicken thighs with sweet and sour sauce which is ready made in the freezer.  So just a bit of combining and rice boiling, nice and easy.  I also have a whole bird which I will roast tomorrow then we will have some cold chicken for sandwiches etc. and with any luck a pot of soup.

Time to get going oh what I would give for a decent coffee!!!!!!

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