Monday morning

Good morning all the sun is shining and I am well rested.  I have just had two lovely days with my friends in Bristol who waited on me hand a foot better than a 5 star hotel as I didn't even have to choose from the menu, super food just appeared as did drinks and snacks.  Apart from a bit of dog training I sat on bum in the sun and chatted now that is what I call a holiday.  I had ample opportunity to whinge and moan and get things off my chest so it was therapeutic as well.  It took me just three hours drive to get there and exactly the same coming home despite the traffic snarl ups.  It was a nice opportunity to give the car a good run but I did discover that because it is such a smooth ride it is very easy to hit 90mph and not notice.

Now the dog training needs a bit of explanation - the lady who is a neighbour of my friends has recently had a stroke and still has weakness in one hand and one leg but she is getting on famously and has taken on a little dog who is 10 months old and is a beagle springer cross.  This lady was desperate as she saw my car arrive and was over in about ten minutes.  According to her he was completely out of control and was neither food nor toy orientated so I had taken my secret weapon a packet of frankfurters and guess who is now a frankfurter addict!  His recall skills were zero so we practiced a bit in her garden it took about 10 minutes to get him to do what he was told for a piece of sausage.  He then found an apple in the garden which he brought to me so I threw it for him and back he came with it.  Later we took him to the big field where she is terrified to let him loose for fear he will not come back so we had some fun with him in the field and I had taken a 1lb dummy which I threw for him and he just retrieved it and brought it back.  Yes he did run off to play but we discovered he knew his way home and once he looked round and couldn't see us he made his way there.  I reassured her that he is a bright dog but he is a teenager so he has more energy than he knows what to do with and will need some patience and some long walks to wear him out.  The field is full with other dog walkers so there are plenty of friend for him to play with which is exactly what he needs.  
Cody after a run and now tired and happy to go home

He would make a fabulous working dog as retrieving is in his genes and just comes naturally to him however as a pet he will need lots of playing with for a while yet.  It will be quite a while before he turns into a hearth rug.  As usual it is not the dog it is the owner who needs the teaching anyway I hope she has a bit more confidence and is learning to trust him.  If she can persevere with him he is going to be a smasher.  I was thrilled to be able to help her and she in turn bought me a huge bunch of flowers.  I am sure Angela will keep me informed as to his progress.  

Now that I am back home I have to pick up the pieces of my life, there is a pile of ironing sitting waiting for me and I am going to have to organise lunch and dinner but the fridge is full as Denzil has been shopping again so it will just be a case of making something out of the fridge contents.  

I was all set to buy a new coffee machine but as I have been sitting here typing the engineers have phoned to say they are coming tomorrow to fix the old one.  I had given up hope as I had heard nothing form them for weeks.  Anyway hopefully we will soon have morning coffee back on the menu one way or another.

I hope this has brought you all up to date as I have been off the wires for a couple of days but now I have to put my shoulder to the wheel and get some work done.  Have a good day all........

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