Monday morning

Good morning all well yesterday we did get some rain but as usual not enough to do the job properly. Everything is still very dry and the rain only penetrates the top layer of soil so not enough for the roots. The sun is shining this morning and the temperatures are back down to my comfort levels.

I didn't get round to make the bolognese sauce yesterday but the ingredients are now all well defrosted so I had better get it on today. It needs long slow cooking so the slow cooker is ideal once everything is in the pot you can largely forget about it.  I do fry off the ingredients first as it gives it a better flavour.

Today for lunch we have some chicken goujons which we will have with mayo and a salad or perhaps some stuffed mushrooms which Denzil brought home last night.  He can't resist the cheap shop and every morning I find new things in the fridge.  This nice up to a point but it does make menu planning almost impossible as I never know what will turn up and need to be eaten quickly as that is why it is cheap as it doesn't have enough shelf life left.  Still I am nothing if not flexible!!!

Today sees the first day of my course on dog emotion and cognition - I have a shrewd suspicion that it might be a bit of a walk in the park but I am OK with that I don't really want to be buried in books and essays again I have done all that.  I just hope it gives me a bit more theoretical knowledge so I can better understand what is going on with the dogs.  The two of them have found a new game to play when we are all asleep they have taken to dragging their beds all around the house.  

Well thats about it for now time for more coffee!!!!! Have a good bank holiday what ever you have planned.
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