Monday morning

Good morning all we seem to have had some rain over night but it is dry at the moment. For me this is the perfect solution rain at night and sun in the day.  Joy gave me a fright yesterday when she wondered if the plant I had ordered was in fact an acid lover.  Then I realised I hadn't checked so I promptly looked it up on the RHS web site and fortunately it is not it seems to be fairly tolerant and will do well in sun or partial shade and is very hardy so it should do well in my garden. I must admit I love shrubs as they give maximum impact for minimum work.  I stay well clear of bedding plants which are lovely but they do need constant attention if they are to give of their best.  The only annuals I have are weeds.

Now I am going to keep this short as I have to have a shower and I have a doctors appointment at 10am so I need to get a shift on.  So I will wish you all a good day and get my backside in gear.
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