Monday morning

Good morning all well at least I have an instant coffee to keep me company this morning.  However the kitchen looks like a bomb has exploded in there and I am going to have to have a massive clean up before I can start work for today.  The mess is down to all 4 of us being lazy and dumping stuff instead of washing it up or putting it in the dishwasher.   I made stock with the chicken carcass and strained it off but that was as far a I got.  Is there some law which says washing up expands to fit the space available.  There is hardly a square inch of surface left.  My kitchen is small but perhaps that is a good thing if I had a big kitchen I'm sure I would just spread the mess further.

Yesterday was a dull as ditch water but today is bright and sunny warm but not yet hot so absolutely right for me.  Denzil came home with a couple of cheap pizza's so I will add some extra topping to them and they will do for lunch, the stock will make some soup with some tortellini so that kind of takes care of the menu for today.  I need a trip to the bank which is always a bit of a nuisance as parking is a problem however I have a cheque to pay in and the bank is the easiest option.  We used to have a branch just up the road but that has closed so I now have to drive to Rainham to find a branch.  It is all very well all this banking online but what do you do with a cheque it has to be paid in and I don't think you can do that on line yet.  If I am missing a trick please let me know!!!!

Tomorrow is Tubby's birthday he will be three and I have a large can of Chappie for birthday celebrations.  It is one of the cheapest dog foods on the market but the dogs love it and it is by far their favourite.  Even Dan, who doesn't like fish, is happy to eat Chappie which has lots of fish in it. It reminds me of Shiphams fish paste does anyone else remember the stuff - school packed lunches for day trips.  

I can't believe it is already a week ago that I had my mini break - how quickly one falls back into the mundane routine and forget the holiday.  I'm  sure the anticipation is half the fun as it fades so quickly from ones memory once it it over.

Well I have avoided the washing up long enough time to make a start and a second cup of naf-cafe.

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