Monday morning

Good morning all well Joy had beaten me to the pinch punch but can you believe we are already in August.  This is supposed to be high summer but we are shrouded in cloud.  I fully expected it to rain yesterday as I spent plenty of time watering but it has stayed dry so at least my time wasn't wasted.

I had bought some interesting cold meats in Aldi including some smoked duck breast and some smoked beef both from Scotland so lunch was ciabatta rolls stuffed with cold meat and salad.  As you know I used to make my own bread but the next best things are the part baked bread products which always taste good straight out of the oven. Nothing beats home made but I have had to make a few compromises.  Supper was wonderful if a bit of a botched recipe.  The pork chops I had were quite thick so I was going to halve them but instead I opened them like a book and put a slice of parma ham in the middle.  I then wrapped each chop in sage leaves and a further slice of parma ham which saved using toothpicks to hold the sage leaves on.  From there on the recipe was as for saltinbocca which I served with some polenta made in the the thermomix.  There are two kinds of polenta the kind you can slice and grill etc or the sloppy porridge like type which I much prefer probably because it has loads of butter and parmesan so it is anything but bland.  For my money the shop bought stuff makes excellent bird food.  I had rather over done the quantity so the dogs were delighted as they too got a portion.

You will probably notice I am posting much later these days and that is due to my new blackout curtain which allows me to sleep much longer without the light waking me.  I must admit I certainly feel better for the extra hours of sleep and I think I am catching up on years of lost sleep.

Today I am going to get the meat out of the freezer to make the chevapchichi which we will have tomorrow which is Denzil's day off so there will be four of us.  Hopefully the timing will be right the meat can defrost today and marinade overnight and be ready to use tomorrow.  The red pepper stew is also ready in the freezer so there is little else to do. Hopefully it will be dry and we can barbecue them but if not it will have to be the grill.  Having sorted out Tuesday I now need to get to grips with today.  I feel a second round of rolls and cold meat and salad coming on.  The Kent cherry season has started so I have plans to buy some on Wednesday when I am having breakfast with Sandy.  The season is very short so we have to eat cherries until we look like them.  I always know when the season has started as the birds dropping are full of cherry pips. Our house is built on what used to be a cherry orchard in the dim and distant past.

Well time for a second cup of coffee - have a good day all
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