Friday morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of yet another week but today is a red letter day for me as the coffee machine is due this afternoon.  I have a complete mystery. Yesterday after typing my blog I put my glasses down and now I can't find them anywhere. They are a pair the I use specially for the computer screen not my normal reading glasses and we have searched everywhere but no luck I just can't imagine what I could have done with them. How do things just disappear?  It drove me crazy just trying to find them.  No doubt they will turn up at some point after all they have to be somewhere in the house as I didn't go out anywhere.  

We have had some rain over night which has cooled things down somewhat and according to the weather forecast it should be a bit cooler today.  The chap from landrover came and delivered my rubber mats for the car and fitted them for me so now we are free to fill them with mud which we will once the winter comes but at least you can take them out and hose them down.  I don't know who thought it a good idea to put cream carpet in a car but they obviously only use it to got Harrods.  Fine if it is a Maserati but this a landrover and meant to be a work horse not a Chelsea tractor. Anyway hopefully the mats will protect the carpet from too much muck.

We are on a cold cuts diet with buckets of salad as it has been to hot to bother with proper food no one has any real appetite and cooking over a hot stove just too miserable.  James did some kebabs last night and some stuffed peppers but he was soaking wet by the time he had finished.  We just abandoned the kitchen so I had better make a start in there while it is still cool. It will need to be tidy for the fitters or they wont be able to move.  I have a shrewd suspicion that I will be spending the evening reading the manual and familiarising myself with how this machine works. Then tomorrow I can really play with it.

Hope today goes well for you and yours.....

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