Friday morning

Good morning all well it is very dull outside and looks as if we have either had a shower overnight or perhaps it is just heavy dew.  Either way it is nowhere near enough for the garden.

I had a lovely time at Shiona's yesterday.  We went into Cranbrook which is a lovely village/town with a wonderful array of shops and they still have three banks, butchers, greengrocers and only one supermarket a co-op.  While we were there I popped into the bank and asked about paying in cheques and in future I can just fill in a paying in slip and drop it off at the post office.  Much easier than driving and parking in Rainham. They have ordered me a book of paying in slips so I could also just drop it in the post.
Poor Shiona had had a bit of a problem with a load of fish which had been stacked in her freezer by the delivery boy but once it had frozen it was one big lump so the only solution was to defrost the lot and cook like crazy so she now has a freezer full of fish pies and fish cakes and we made real fish fingers with some of the fish.  We cooked it out in the garden on one of those lovely little gas burners stoves and then proceeded to make absolute pigs of ourselves. By doing the cooking in the garden at least her house was not filled with the smell of frying.  I must say that in the hot weather I don't think you can beat a fillet of fish and a salad.  My fish monger delivered some lemon sole fillets to me yesterday and they will be on todays lunch menu.  I think I will egg and breadcrumb them and serve with some runner beans.  

As yet I have not heard when the coffee machine is due so I think I will give them a call and see if they can give me a rough idea of when they are likely to have the machine in stock.  I am a bit like a child at christmas and can't wait for my new toy.  Still it is nice to have something to be excited about so much of life is just the usual mundane stuff which is necessary but boring and you know there is no end in sight.  Everything you clean will soon be dirty again, perhaps I have a poltergeist who goes around when I am asleep spraying grease in the kitchen and liberally scattering dust everywhere.

Well rain or no rain I have to go and do some watering as many of the pots are looking rather sad. Have a good day all  

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