Friday morning

Good morning all I had a bit of a strange day yesterday.  I was really dizzy and muddle headed hence my very short blog as typing was really difficult.  Then I realised what I had done I had taken double the dose of antidepressant medication so I had to phone Shiona and cry off as I was certainly not fit to drive.  In the end I spent most of the day asleep or reading my course book. What a stupid thing to do I am usually pretty good with such things but it only takes a momentary lapse. Fortunately the ill effects didn't last too long and by lunch time I was feeling more normal.  I wont be doing that again in a hurry.

Today we have sunshine and clear blue skys and the engineer is coming to fix the last bit of the coffee machine so they obviously had the part in stock and I guess that this time they will also want paying. As yet I have no idea what time he is due so that kind of puts a damper on the shopping trip that I need to do.  Lunch will have to be bassa fillets and salad, yes I still have a fridge full of salad and if I don't get to the shops it will have to be a pasta supper except I am clean out of parmesan.

Denzil has already taken the dogs swimming as the tide is in so Dan looks like he is having a really bad hair day and with his double coat it takes quite a long time for him to dry.  And where is his preferred place to dry off you've got it in my bed!!!! so it is a case of keeping my bedroom door shut until he is dry.  Fortunately he cannot manage the door handles and we are not going to teach him.

Well that about it for this morning time for more coffee and I hear the shower calling me.......
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