Wednesday morning

Good morning all this morning it is cool and cloudy and looking a lot like rain which would be most welcome here.  Yet again I am waiting for a call for the repair company and I never know what is a reasonable time to allow them before they contact you.  I know that for me it feels like ages but it has only been a couple of days so I will hang on until next week then I will start searching for someone else to come and repair the coffee machine.  I have a shrewd idea that it is going to be horribly expensive to mend as it is the main brew unit that has broken in which case I might do better looking at replacing the machine.  It takes a lot of use with four adult coffee drinkers in the house so it needs to be as strong as a commercial coffee machine.  

Yesterday was a nice quiet day Denny did her stuff and the house is nice and clean I have a mountain of ironing to do but as it is nice and cool today would be a good day to get that done.  My trip to the dentist was uneventful and nothing but a bit of sandblasting was required.  I have know this dentist for many years and I used to work with his wife many years ago so I trust him implicitly which I think is important.

Barry, the sociologist, has been plaguing the life out of me with phone calls trying to make an appointment to see Mike and I so I have relented and he is coming on Friday at 4pm.  Just what he has managed to glean from and half and hour with each of us I cannot imagine, given that I have been at it for 35+ years.  But who knows perhaps he will come up with some earth shattering insight into our troubled relationship.  He is the last of the people who will be coming to the house everyone else has either given up or been told that there is nothing they can do if Mike refuses to cooperate. I must say that it has been lovely not to have a constant stream of people coming and going and generally disrupting the household.  Peace and quiet makes a nice change and I am not constantly on door duty.

Tomorrow I am going over to Shiona's for lunch so I had better look for something for the rest of the family for lunch.  Mike has finally relented and is now using the toilet instead of the commode which has made a big difference to all of us.  None of us would have minded if it were necessary but out of laziness is not and excuse.  I must say that I am much more relaxed now that I have given up fighting and left Mike to his own devices.  There comes a point when you have to recognise you are flogging a dead horse.

Well thats about it for today time to put the bins out and have a trawl around the freezer for some ideas.  I have a fridge full of salad ingredient so that takes care of the veg now I need something to go with the salad.  Perhaps a salad nicoise would be a good idea as I have plenty of tuna to use or maybe fish cakes.  

Have a good day all and if you have rain I am jealous.  

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