Wednesday morning

Good morning all, well what a day yesterday was, the only time I was comfortable was when driving in an air-conditioned car.  The rest of the time I was like a limp lettuce leaf and last night was the night from hell my bed was awash in sweat and I have woken with a banging head.  I think the problem for us Brits is that we don't get any time to acclimatise one minute you need a coat and the next day you need a bikini.  At the moment it is 23.8 degrees in the garden as I have just been out with the hose watering the plants which managed to survive yesterdays inferno.

I had a lovely breakfast with Sandy and bought some tit bits for lunch, a nice fresh pecorino cheese and also a goats milk gorgonzola along with some nice slices of mortadella crusty bread and some salad bits.  The only problem is that having eaten breakfast the last thing on my mind was lunch but the men really enjoyed it. By the time we got to supper none of us felt much like cooking so it was a takeaway chicken  supper which got us all off the hook.  

While I was in the butchery department the butchers were removing a shoulder blade from a beef carcass so I was happy to wait and then had 4 nice feather blade steaks cut which are on the menu for today and the actual blade bone was cut in two for the dogs who were miserable with the heat so they were happy to lie down and suck and chew their bones.  Dan has discovered the coolest place in the house which is the tiled bathroom floor so he has commandeered that as his place.

Denzil has gone off to work at dawn but will be home for lunch so as it is his birthday I am going to do the steaks for lunch.  I also found irresistible £1 bags one filled with avocados and one with red peppers.  The peppers I am going to stew down with some tomatoes and the avocados will be in a salad to go with the steaks.

I don't want to anger the gods or get too excited but since we have all been ignoring Mike he is making a bit of effort to walk to the table for lunch and we have not had a commode to empty for a few days so I guess he is making it to the toilet but keeping very quiet about it. If it were me I would be singing it from the roof tops but for some obscure reason he is keeping it a secret.  I wonder if it is so if he has to use the commode we will not demand to know why.  It is perfectly reasonable to to say I wasn't going to make to the toilet so though it best to use the commode.  We have all had moments of absolute panic when the toilet seemed very far away and it was touch and go if you made it. Anyway any progress is most welcome now if only we could get to a point where the attitude could soften a bit that would be wonderful.   And on that happy note I will leave you to swelter and try to stay cool I feel so sorry for people who have to work in this heat - I have zero energy and this morning I am going to have a hunting breakfast 2 paracetamol and a cup of coffee.
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