Wednesday morning

Good morning all, well I wont need to do any watering as is it hosing down with rain.  Yesterday was a bit of a wash out the social services people rang to say they would not be coming after all and they could offer nothing but someone to come in and run a flannel over Mikes face which is not the issue apparently he doesn't meet the criteria for respite care.  So no help to be had there.  A very nice lady did come out to do an assessment on me as a carer and it didn't take her 5 minutes to see what the problem was.  She immediately twigged that Mike is jealous of James and the fact that I have to split my attention so he is behaving like a 5year old.  Cutting a very long story short she advised me to go away and take James with me for a weekend and leave Mike to cope.  Denzil will be in and out as he works the weekend.  So I immediately rang Shiona and asked for sanctuary she has the room for both of us and the dogs and as luck would have it she is off to Scotland for a week leaving on Sunday so she is happy to leave us in her house for the whole week if we want.  Mike now has a life line if he gets into trouble so there should be no problem and it might just provoke him into some form of normality. Ever the optimist me!!!!

So today I am going to treat myself to a 10,000 mile service and wallow in the bath do what I can with my hair until I get to the hairdresser on Friday.  Then I am going to get a firm of solicitors to come and sort out a lasting power of attorney for me so that I can handle things without the need for Mikes signature which will make running the house that much easier.  He has agreed that he would be happy to sign it as I am already doing everything anyway.  Also if he were to loose the plot I could make decisions in his best interest with regard to his health care. Which I have been doing for our entire married life anyway because I am the one with the medical knowledge.  So this is really just a legal hurdle.  I have already signed one for myself so if I loose the plot James can take over the finances with the minimum of fuss.

In the mean time I need to get the bins out for the bin men and sort something out for lunch and dinner.  Denny did a super job yesterday and she was very caring and sent me to bed to get some sleep as I looked like a dogs dinner having been up since 3am.  James cooked a nice seafood risotto for lunch so I had nothing to do.  Dogs being as perceptive as they are both Tubby and Dan decided to come into my bed and cuddle me.  Can you imagine the three of us in a single bed!!!! This is not their normal behaviour they normally stay in the boys rooms which are much larger but apparently I needed cherishing.  While Denny was kneeling on the floor cleaning a corner Dan decided she too needed cherishing and carefully and gently washed both her ears and the back of her neck.  In the dog world this is something you cannot do for yourself so you need a friend to help.

Well thats about it for today time to get the bins out as it has momentarily stopped raining.  Have a good day all................

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