Wednesday Morning

Good morning all a bit brighter this morning the sky looks as if a child with a piece of chalk has been scribbling as all you can see is vapour trails from the planes overhead. It is still pretty chilly there is no real warmth in the air yet.  

I managed to get all my chores done yesterday morning and we decided that we would not have the hen for lunch but had burgers instead and for supper we had a takeaway pizza.  I must admit I do resent the price of pizza as I know, as you do, there is fourpence worth of ingredients and they have a soggy spongy bottom which is nothing like the real thing.  Maybe the Chinese and Indians would say the same thing about takeaway food from their countries but I am no expert so I accept what I am given.  The chicken is going in the oven today for lunch as Denzil will be back from his early shift so we will be four for lunch and dinner.  Having completed my chores yesterday I don't have to go out this morning so I can play in the kitchen.

Peace has broken out in the house which is much more pleasant than living in a war zone however with four independent adults living in such close proximity it is hardly surprising that the odd war breaks out from time to time. Sadly it is usually Mike who lights the blue touch paper and then stands back to watch the fireworks.  He is a master at pressing peoples buttons to get a reaction then denying all responsibility and playing the stupid old man card to get himself off the hook.  Most of the time we rise above it but occasionally he hits a raw nerve and causes a word war at which point he retires to bed satisfied with his accomplishments.

The garden is sprouting back after its major hair cut so I need to get out there with my secateurs and chop off a few straggly bit and pieces.  I think I will also need to water the new plants as we have had a couple of dry days and the wind dries out the soil very fast.   If ever you are looking for a rose that takes very little looking after but is a really good doer this is rosa bonica and it lights up a particularly dull area of the garden.

It flowers its head off all summer which makes it a real bonus.  I have several bamboos in the garden which are of the Phyllostachys nigra variety which are not wildly rampant but clump forming, however they do send up new rods which are very high and provide me with an endless supply of canes for the garden.

Well if I am to get the lunch cooked I had better make a start and get the veg peeled etc.  Have a good day all and enjoy the sun if you have some.

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