Tuesday morning

Good morning all it looks like another lovely day with temperatures I can cope with.  We have been dry for ages but I believe rain is on the way.  Let's hope it rains at night and we still have lovely days. There has been no news about the coffee machine so we are making do with the Tassimo which is certainly better than instant.  

I went to the bank yesterday and explained what I had heard and was assured that they don't freeze joint accounts if one party dies.  They simply remove that person once they have the death certificate so that is one nightmare sorted.  I am trying hard not to leave a mess behind me it really is the last thing relatives want at what is already a difficult time.  Shiona was left in a mess when her husband died without making any provisions for her.  He had taken out various life insurance policies which she knew nothing about until they sent letters asking for payment of the premium.  Fortunately she has her head screwed on and managed to sort out the mess but it was a hell of a job for a newly widowed person to deal with especially as she had a business partnership to dissolve as well.  

I was very lazy last night and we had take away pizza for supper which means we have enough cardboard to open a shop.  My recycling fills up so quickly these days that I had to go to the council offices yesterday and get more recycling bags.  It would make much more sense if we had a wheelie bin for recycling instead of a constant stream of polythene bags.  

Anyway Dennie is here and already making head way so it is time I got going and got dressed as I have a dental appointment this morning.  Fingers crossed there is nothing wrong and just a sandblasting will be all that is needed.

On that happy not I will leave you and go and get on with my day - have a good one and enjoy the sun while we have it.

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