Tuesday Morning

Good morning all what a hot and sticky night following a boiling hot day.  I believe today is due to be even hotter it is too hot for me.  I think we find it difficult because we have no chance to acclimatise to the temperature as it can jump from 14 degrees to 34 in one day.  Anyway the windows have been open over night to cool the house down and now is the time to slam everything shut and drop the blinds before the sun can turn it into an oven.

I had a bit of a set to with the ladies from social services who insisted on coming to see us.  I ushered them into Mike but they wanted to speak to me first.  Fine, so I gave it to them in a very direct fashion I wasn't rude or aggressive but they just don't seem to get the idea that Mike does what he wants regardless and there is nothing in their armoury to offer us that might help because everything requires the cooperation of the patient.  There is no point in offering a day care centre if he refuses to go. Been there done that.  I explained that what I would value most is being left alone and not to have a constant train of well meaning people through the house all the time.  We have tried everything and have now decided not fight anymore just let nature take its course and Mike can do what he likes he is fully aware of the consequences and is not mentally impaired so the decision is his and he will have to live with the results as will we but we will cross that bridge when we come to it. They left, I hope understanding and didn't even bother to speak to him.

We got loads laundry done and the last lot is still on the line.  I am off this morning to have breakfast with Sandy which will be a nice start to the day and I can purchase some nice cold meats and cheeses for lunch to go with a big salad and some crusty bread.  I managed to fix Mikes air multiplier fan which he thought was broken it was just that he had never had it on cold only on hot and was not aware of how it functioned anyway he is happy now it is blowing copious cool air.  The  coffee machine also decided to play up but we got that sorted too.  So all in all a pretty successful day.  I hope now perhaps we can have some peace and just get on with nursing our non compliant patient.

My first job this morning is to put some water on the plants as I forgot last night but if the sun is already on them I will not water as they will just boil.  They really should be watered at night so they have a chance to absorb the water before it evaporates off in the sun.  On that happy note remember to keep yourselves hydrated it is going to be a stinker.

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