Tuesday morning

Good morning all well yesterday was the day of phone calls to social services I threw a real wobbly on the phone and today the big wigs are coming to assess the situation so far they have taken enough notes to write a novel but that is no help to man nor beast.  I am going to push for some respite care so I can have some time off duty.  Sadly it takes something dramatic to move social services as all the time they think they can pat you on the head you will carry on doing everything.  So now I have joined the ranks of the vocal minority and kicked up merry hell.  It is embarrassing to have to go to extremes but all the time you ask nicely nothing happens.  

Well enough of this nonsense the sun is shining there is a cloudless blue sky Denny is here doing her thing despite the chaos.  We emptied  the old car of all the crud and it is now liberally scattered all over the dining room and I still haven't got round to sorting out stuff that should be in the car and stuff which should be in the bin.  So I guess now is as good a time as any to do the job.  Lunch today will be something simple like a shell fish risotto and salad which will only take 20 minutes to get on the table.

I also chased up the new dog crate which I have been assured will arrive by courier this week some time so I am kind of trapped until that turns up. Then for once in my life I am looking forward to the hairdresser on Friday at the moment I am like the dulux dog looking through my floppy hair. 

Well that is it for this morning long may the sunshine last and lets hope by tomorrow I might have some better news.
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