Tuesday Morning

Good morning all no beautiful sunshine this morning and yesterdays sun only lasted until midday when we were again wreathed in cloud.  I got a few of the chores on my list done but the bank got put on hold so that is number one priority this morning.  I have also run myself out of eggs for the first time in many years.  I don't think I have fully got back into running a house of 4 adults.  I did however manage to book a hair appointment and a dental appointment two things which have been on the back burner for rather too long.

Mike ventured into the dining room at lunch time but within 5 minutes he had started a row with James which left us all upset and no one fancied their lunch thank goodness it was only corned beef hash and the dogs were happy to clear it up for us.  Today I have a chicken which I think I will do for supper rather than lunch as I don't want to spend the morning in the kitchen when I have other things to do.

I have done all the measuring up of the dogs so today I can place the order for the dog crate for the new car and they will courier it down to me if they have one in stock.  It would be nice to have it ready for the new car when we get it but I think the timing might be a problem any way I am rushing ahead in hope.  Who knows it might come together perfectly.  I also chased up about a fall monitor for Mike so we can actually leave him unattended for a couple of hours but as yet they have not got back to me.  I do wish people wouldn't say they are going to ring you back then don't and you are left dangling.  So more push push again today.

Have a good day all and with any luck peace might breakout today!!!!!

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