Thursday Morning

If only we had smelly vision both the lilies and the rose have the most incredible scent.  The rose arrived yesterday already in bloom.  It was advertised as being heavily scented and boy they weren't joking it has the most incredible scent.  Despite being dull and overcast yesterday we had  one miserable shower not enough to do any good but the forecast is looking like we are due for some rain in the coming days.  Most of the garden plants are well enough established to weather a bit of drought but the new stuff and stuff in pots need constant watering so I will be pleased not to have to do that for a few days.

Sorry about you sheets Joy they would have dried beautifully here.  I have been doing a lot of washing while the weather is in our favour.  Today I am off to Shiona's for lunch so first I have to make sure there is something for the men to eat while I am out.  I have some of the Aldi bassa fillets in the freezer which are nice and easy to cook and the fridge is stuffed with salad bits so they wont starve.

The company who were organised to come and mend the coffee machine sent me a satisfaction form to give them some feed back.  Believe me they got just that!!!! after the initial contact nothing has happened.  I think they are putting the cart before the horse.  It is proving a much more difficult job than I thought.  

Yesterday was a lovely quiet day I just pottered around doing very little. Denzil was home from his early shift by lunch time so we had an all time favourite of pasta [good quality dried] with lashings of butter and parmesan.  Who would have though three simple ingredients could make such a nice meal of course you do need a salad to go with it but it really couldn't be easier.  Supper was equally easy we had Thai fish cakes [Aldi] with sugar snap peas which Denzil prepared.  As you can see I am making the most of having the boys around but I have to be careful not to become too lazy.  James was up a dawn and took the dogs for a walk and cleaned the kitchen of washing up.  Now all I have to do is have a shower and get my act together then drive over to Shiona's.  

I watched eat well for less last night and it was nice to see a family who were prepared to give things a go and to realise that they were spending way more than was necessary.  Pasta sauces in jars are seldom any good and making a sauce from scratch takes minutes.  In fact you can make a sauce in the time it takes to boil the pasta. I was also fascinated by the research that is going on in Israel where they are looking at gut flora and which foods are right for you and your particular gut flora.  What they were looking at is which foods cause a sugar spike and surprisingly some people are better on white bread, croissants and chocolate ice cream while others are not.  It all depends which bacteria you have in your gut and how efficient they are at dealing with a particular food.  Apparently it is variety that is the key the more different foods you eat the better especially in the fruit and vegetable department.

On that happy note I must make a move and get on with the day as time is running away with me.
Have a good day all.................

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