Thursday Morning

Good morning all well yesterday was a day of two halves in the morning it was windy so we opened up all the windows the found we were getting loads of debris from the garden in the house.  Then the wind dropped and back came the heat.  This morning is a much cooler start and I am hoping the real heat will have dissipated.

Disaster has struck, my repair of the coffee machine proved to be temporary and now it is very dead so I am reduced to drinking tea.  I have contacted an engineer but as yet have not heard back from him.  

Mark, my old gardener, came and measured up the chicken run for a make over and just as well he did as I had to ask him to give me a hand getting Mike off the floor.  He had been using his bed table as a foot rest then managed to kick the whole thing over and roll off the bed onto the floor. No damage was done and we put Mike back up on his bed and I reassembled the bed table.  This has illustrated one thing to me and that is I cannot pick Mike up by myself.  He was a bit shaken up but unharmed but I think it put him off his supper which he left having hardly touched it.  We had the feather steaks for lunch with a big salad with loads of avocados and for supper I made an oriental soup with noodles coconut milk and prawns. It was really spot on for a hot day light but tasty.  

Today I have some very nice sausages which I will grill for lunch with the inevitable salad of some kind or maybe creamed spinach any we will cross that bridge when we come to it.  I think today is our last day before the rain hits so last chance to do some serious washing.  All the beds have been through plus some heavier coverlets and loads of towels however I still haven't got round to doing the nets perhaps today is the day.

Time for more tea :(

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