Thursday Morning

Good morning all, first I must thank the anonymous flower donor who sent me flowers via moonpig. The card that came with the flowers was blank so I have no idea who to thank.

Yesterday I got the bit between my teeth and organised a person to come and do the power of attorney documentation for Mike.  As luck would have it they are just up the road and came immediately all is now done but it takes 8-10 weeks for the registration to happen.  I needed to get Denzil's signature witnessed when he came home from work so we are both on the paper work and while I was chatting with the person witnessing he regaled us with a story of how his father in law had gone completely cuckoo in just one week by which time of course it is too late.  I am very clued up on just how difficult things are when you are trying to deal with a loved ones affairs in an emergency as I had no end of trouble when James was ill. So it is nothing to do with age it just gives someone you trust the right to handle you affairs if you are unable for what ever reason.  I have already done one for me in case the boys have to take over from me if I am ill or unable to deal with things myself.  Please don't just think about this do it.

My sister in law is now out of hospital having had her stents put in her heart and I am pleased to say that all went well and though she is sore she is fine.  I'm sure she will appreciate a nights sleep in her own bed as coronary care units are very noisy places at night.

The dog crate is on its way and has been dispatched so I am hoping it will arrive either today or tomorrow so we will have all the facilities in place for our weekend away.  Denzil is happy to keep an eye on Mike while we are gone and though this is not a solution it will give me a break from the mental torture of watching Mike trying to commit suicide by the slowest possible means.  He is still refusing to walk to the toilet though we all know he is quite capable and spends the majority of the day lying in bed.  This will lead to hypostatic pneumonia and pressure sores and progressive weakness in his legs until he will be completely bed bound.  All this has been explained to him by everyone ad nauseam but he still refuses to move.  Apparently he doesn't meet the criteria for respite care but I think it will only be a matter of time before we are in trouble again.  It is hard to watch someone do this to themselves while you are helpless to stop them.  Talk about self inflicted injury!!!

Well the weather looks nice and sunny but it is still very cold only 14 degrees this morning which is quite chilly.  Where is summer? or is this it!  Have a good day all we will be having some steak for lunch as Denzil brought some home from the work depot.
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