Thursday monring

Good morning all and it is a good morning we now have the new car at home.  We dashed up yesterday afternoon and picked it up having spent the morning ringing insurance and all the other fiddly little bits like the dartford crossing etc.  Anyway we are delighted with it and James chauffeured me back and gave it some welly just to see what it had under the bonnet.  It goes like the clappers and has a lovely smooth 8 speed gearbox which though automatic it has paddles on the steering wheel which allow you to over ride and either change up or down a gear.  As yet I haven't driven it so I think I might need to go to the shops for something!!!! We had to empty the old car and you just can't believe how much crud we had in it, two huge shopping bags of stuff so the first job today is to go through that and only put back that which is needed the kitchen sink can stay a home!!!!  At the moment we are without a dog crate in the back so the dogs are on house arrest until the new one arrives which should be in a couple of days.

Tubby had a bad day yesterday he was obviously under the weather and doing strange writhing motions which we ascribed to tummy ache and the possible pig out he had the previous evening on pizza crust.  Dan refused to eat it he is obviously a purist of pizza being Italian which meant Tubby had his portion as well as his own.

My lovely Japanese neighbour has just relieved me of my old dog crate which saves me the trouble of taking it to the tip. Tomorrow morning I am off to have breakfast with Sandy so I will have a good run up the motorway to test the car out myself.

Well it is time I got dressed as we are expecting the man from life line to come and fit and alarm for Mike so we can leave him unattended for a little while with a clear conscience.  I am a very happy bunny this morning even though we are under a blanket of cloud.
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