Sunday morning

Good morning all well here we are at the end of July where does the time go? I got out yesterday and did a mega shop so we are stuffed with food not that it will last that long with hungry men around.We were also low on the house cleaning stuff  like soap powder, polish, tooth paste and toilet rolls really exciting stuff to buy.  I spent the day teetering between anger and and upset following our session with the psychologist.  I wonder if they realise how much damage they do in the name of help.  When I discussed it with Mike he could hardly remember what had been said sometimes deafness and short term memory loss is a positive advantage.  

I waited in hope of rain which never came so the plants are looking very sorry for themselves and today I really must get out and water.  I believe we are due for rain on Tuesday which is too far down the line for the pots to last.  How come the weeds are so drought tolerant? 

I made a huge stir-fry with egg fried rice and the little chicken skewers and I thought there would be loads left over but it got demolished and the dogs were very disappointed mind you we were all so stuffed that supper went by the board.  Today I have some pork pieces which I will do in the salt-in -bocca style, I find that pork does well in place of veal.  Not quite the same but a passable alternative.  

I have been threatening to make chevapchichi for ages but as it is a recipe that requires an overnight marinade I need to get the meat out of the freezer to defrost in the morning of the day before and I frequently forget.  They are nice cooked on a barbecue so weather is one concern.  However if push comes to shove the grill will do. Traditionally they are served with raw onion and a red pepper stew both of which are readily available.  The boys are very fond of them as I am sure they bring back childhood memories of holidays in Trieste and Istria which is now Croatia.  Interestingly Trieste is fighting to gain independence from Italy as well as the EU.  It was a free state after WW2 until someone noticed and decided to attach them to Italy - large bureaucratic cock up.  Anyway we are not the only ones who are fed up with our leaders and the status quo.

I am all behind this morning but it is Sunday so I am having a lazy day and lunch will be ready when it is ready.  
Have a nice restful day all and enjoy the lovely sunshine summer will soon be over!!!!!

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