Sunday morning

Good morning all another bright sunny start to the day still no rain and the garden is getting desperate. According to the weather forecast it might not rain until Wednesday so I will be on watering duty.  James is out with the dogs and as yet I haven't brought my mind to bear on the lunch issue.  I went and did a bit of shopping yesterday as there are some items I cannot get at Aldi I then make a pilgrimage to Tesco.  We are all particularly fond of their pink grapefruit squash because it isn't very sweet.  I tend to buy 6 bottles at a time so it lasts for while but with 4 of us drinking it and the weather so hot we are going through it at a rate of knots.

The boys took the dogs out yesterday afternoon as the tide was in and they could have a nice swimming session.  Dan still looks skinny but he is building some serious muscles and really does plough through the water.  The new dog box is ideal as it it is easily wiped out if it gets very wet and the dogs have accepted it very well.  

I have been quietly thinking and lunch today will be some gazpacho soup and sticky chicken wings and salad.  All nice and quick and easy with the minimum of cooking required.  I think I will make the gazpacho in the nutriblast as I would like a nice smooth finish.  Sadly the bread I have is a multi seed loaf so it will need blitzing to mash up the seeds, however I'm sure it will work fine.

Having moaned about all the comings and goings of the people coming to see and assess Mike I must say that a week of no one is really very restful.  Knowing that there is no one due at any time makes for a different take on the day and a more relaxed approach.  Suddenly the house feels like my home not a transit station and though Denzil comes and goes he causes very little disruption.  If he is on an early shift he slips out at 5am without waking anyone and when he comes home at midnight again he slips in quietly and disturbs no one.

Time for more coffee I think have a good day all 
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