Sunday Morning

Good morning all, I had a lovely day yesterday sitting in Shiona's garden watching the dogs have fun. Dan successfully rolled in some fox poo in the first 5 minutes so he got a going over with the hose  and after that he steered well clear of it. After lunch we watched a film with Billy Connolly called "what we did on our holidays", very funny and well worth a watch. That was just the tonic I needed so by about 7pm it was decided that we would come home and let Shiona get on with her preparations for her trip to Scotland.  What I actually needed was a bit of female company not a change of scenery.  What I really don't need is time to think as I can soon think myself into a black hole.  By the time we got home the dogs were ready for their supper and yes I forgot to take their food with me - was this a freudian slip? I was poleaxed with tiredness having just had 3 hours sleep so I too was ready for my bed and I was unconscious by 9pm and didn't wake until 5am.  I make that 8 solid hours of sleep so I am feeling better this morning.

The money for the caravan has made it into the bank so I really need to go on Monday and get a few things sorted out.  I also want to book someone to come and pave over what was the chicken run which is currently a weed breeding patch.  That should make my life a bit easier as I can soon spray a bit of weed killer over it once it is paved and there should be nothing else to do with it after that.  And who knows I might grow a few tomatoes in the green house next year.

Today looks like being another hot one as it is already 20 degrees but shrouded in cloud however a good day for drying washing so I think I will get the machine on first thing and get a few loads through.  Then I will hit the supermarket at 10 and see what they have that appeals to me for lunch and dinner.  Being hot I think salads are going to be on the menu light to eat and light on work.  

Thank you all for your good wishes and I know I have made the right decision for me in coming back home.  Going away sounds good but I need company not solitude.  Have a god day all and enjoy the weather it really feels like summer is here at last.

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