Sunday morning

Bamboo going crazy

Good morning all it is a typical Sunday morning here with cloud and wind and a sky heavy with rain. I did water the plants yesterday so it should rain today.  I did the veal chops for lunch yesterday and cooked them in the oven Italian style with butter, rosemary, garlic and lemon zest.  They were accompanied with new potatoes and spring greens.  When the butcher prepared them there were a few bones which I brought home for the dogs who devoured them with great pleasure so Dan not eating was a protest about the dog biscuits.  By last night he was hungry enough to eat his biscuits without any trouble.

As a family we had a concerted effort to persuade Mike to walk to the toilet with all three of us encouraging him he made it half way then turned left his zimmer frame and said he was going back to bed and promptly walked back to his room completely unaided.  This has confirmed in my mind that what I have thought for a while is true, he could make it to the toilet but just doesn't want to.  This leaves us on commode and urinal duty presumably forever. None of us would mind if it was necessary but just because he can't be bothered is not a good enough excuse. He told us all to go away and leave him alone so that is exactly what we are doing.  I will be doing the bare minimum of keeping him fed and watered but thats it.  I think this is a war of attrition and we will see who can keep it up the longest.  I too can be bull headed if necessary.

Good news about the caravan which has been delayed due to flooding in the workshop but should be completed by Thursday and the money should make it to the bank soon after.  Once all the monies have settled down I will be able to see exactly where we stand financially and if I can afford to have the end of the garden paved which will make my life a lot easier.  I have left the greenhouse fallow this year but next year I might get it back into action at least for a few tomato plants.  

Today I have to go shopping so I will try to get to Aldi by 9.45 so I can park any later and the carpark is full and there are queues up and down the road of cars waiting for a space.  Denzil is going to eat at work so it is lunch and dinner for three today.  I think something nice and easy like pasta and pesto and a salad for lunch and who knows what for supper.  Yesterday we had half a jacket potato with a couple of sausages and some coleslaw made with kohlrabi.  Kohlrabi is not a vegetable I am very familiar with but  this worked very well as the predominant flavour is of cabbage. 

Well that about it for today onward and upward...................
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