Sunday morning

Good morning it is bright and sunny here today and the wind has died down.  For me there is only one thing more exciting than a new car and that is a new puppy.  I am bubbling over with excitement and counting down the days. It is nice to have something good to look forward to for a change. Life has been pretty dull of late.

Although today is Sunday it is a working day for Denzil so Sunday lunch will be on Tuesday which is his next day off. It makes sense to me to have a big lunch when we are all here. So today we will be having fish (bassa fillets) with creamed spinach and new potatoes.

I had a lovely morning yesterday and went to visit my friends in the road. One is Welsh so I stopped off to congratulate her on the great football win.  Though none of us are actual fans we were all happy to see David beat Goliath.  I then went on to have coffee with my Japanese friend who is having her kitchen remodelled and what a lovely job they are making of it.  Needless to say we discussed the political chaotic situation, I also chatted it over with a friend who is Irish but is married to a frenchman and lives in France.  I think we are all of the same opinion that there doesn't seem to be anyone with the credentials to make a silk purse out of what is currently a pigs ear. Personally I find it embarrassing that those running the country are behaving like naughty children.  

The other night I tried to take a photo of a beautiful rainbow which appeared just ahead of a huge downpour but of course the battery in the camera was dead so I ended up taking the photo with the iPad so the quality is not so good but you get the general idea.  By the time I got myself organised it had all but disappeared.  Note to self charge the battery on the camera!!!!

I hope you too have some sunshine at last and the opportunity to get out and enjoy it.

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