Saturday Morning

Good morning all here we are back at yet another weekend not that that makes much difference in this house.  In fact I think if I were not writing this blog I would have no idea what day of the week it is.  The forecast threatened us with rain yesterday which never materialised in fact it was hot a muggy especially for the early part of the night we now have cloud and wind so maybe they were 24 hours out, either way the little plants need watering.

Last week was kind of busy for me but I think I have done all that is required and I am road legal and covered by breakdown cover and insurance.  The slip of paper has gone off to the DVLA so that they can keep their paper work straight.  I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my first drive in the new vehicle and it was nice to open up some of the power on the motorway.  I also played with the paddles on the steering wheel which over ride the automatic gear box.  Not something I think I am going to use much but nice to have.  I expect they would be really useful off road in thick mud etc.

Tubby seems to have got over his upset tummy but now Dan is refusing dog food however he did manage a bit of my scotch egg so I don't think he is ill just trying his luck.  I'm sure he will regain his appetite once he realises that dog biscuits is all there is and I am not going to be roasting a chicken for him. He is not showing any signs of distress just refusing his food. He is a funny cuss where food is concerned if we have a Chinese he loves the prawn crackers but if we have an indian he refuses to eat popadoms.  Tubby needless to say eats anything we give him so we have to watch we don't spoil him on titbits and make him fat.

The dog cage has not arrived yet so for the moment the dogs are having a ride without a cage the only problem with that is that Dan can drool over the back seats as he is tall enough to lean over.  One thing is for certain that as much as I would like to keep the car clean it is going to get dirty and will no doubt go the the scrap yard filthy so no point it getting over excited about the dogs.

I have heard nothing with regard to my sister-in-laws heart problems so I guess all is going OK on that front.  

Well thats about it for today time to get the show on the road and start thinking about meals, laundry and shopping.  Have a good day all.......

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