Saturday Morning

Good morning all it is dull and overcast this morning and yesterday we had the wrong kind of rain! It was just enough to wet the washing but not enough to water the garden.  We really could use a good few hours of steady rain in the mean time I will trundle around with the hosepipe.

We had our feed back session from the psychologist who is only just in long trousers and after his session of 30 minutes with each of us he has decided that our relationship is completely broken and we should get a divorce.  The boy is a fool and has no idea exactly what that would entail.  How pray do you divorce a bedridden deaf old man and not be the biggest bitch in Christendom I promised to look after him and I will.   Presumable the wedding vows mean nothing [in sickness and in health] yes it is tough but we have been through so much now is not the time to throw in the towel.  Beside the only winners in a divorce are the lawyers.  Anyway, we are now off his books unless there is a re-referral which I sincerely hope there isn't.  We will continue to muddle along as best we can and probably better without well meaning interference. At one point he suggested that Mike go into respite care which he promptly refused as he is happier at home which should have told him something.  He needs a bit more life experience before he goes around dishing out advice about which he knows nothing. End of rant.

I never did get to the shops yesterday so today it is a must and my pile of ironing is growing so I must make a start on that.  Denzil brought home some chicken satay which I though I would do with some egg fried rice for lunch and for supper hopefully I will find something appealing while out shopping. I think I have the ingredients to make another batch of gazpacho so that is a possibility as everyone loves it.  We will be four for both meals today then tomorrow we will be three for both meals unless Denzil wants something left on a plate for him when he comes in a midnight.  Running this hotel is keeping me on my toes. Fortunately both boys are quite capable of cooking so they often do the supper if I have done the lunch which certainly spreads the load.

Well thats about it for this morning time to get going - dilemma, if I water will it rain later?  If I don't it will stay dry for sure!!!!!!

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