Saturday morning

Good morning all nice and cool this morning down to 18 degrees and very pleasant.  Still no rain so I am on watering duty.  I rang another repair company about the coffee machine and guess what I now have to wait for them to ring me.  In the mean time the Tassimo machine has been called back into service so I have a nice cappuccino sitting on the desk.  Good job it is now at home not in the caravan at least it makes a good standby.  

I have been feeling pretty grotty for the last couple of days I think the heat and the very high pollen count has got to me as I am very breathless and have had banging headaches which may be due to caffeine deprivation.  I walked up to the shops yesterday and made really heavy weather of it, my legs felt like they were made of lead.  I am hoping that a good down pour will lay the pollen and that might see me improve if not then I must make an appointment to see the quack.  If you remember I had this happen to me in the caravan when I was exposed to huge doses of pollen.  I am not nearly that bad but feeling very similar so I am hopeful that it is just a reaction to the dust in the air at the moment.

I boiled a piece of ham for lunch yesterday and have made lentil soup with the stock which is very un-salty so much so that I have had to add salt to the soup.  I made a large bowl of coleslaw and we still had some potato salad to go with the meat.  

I never managed to get to the bank last week but as luck would have it I now have a cheque from the DVLA to put in so next week will be fine.  

It is lovely and quiet at the moment all the male creatures are still asleep and I have a few minutes to myself to enjoy my coffee in the early morning sun shine before I get stuck into the days chores. I usually start with a blitz through the kitchen which is invariably a mess as we have midnight snackers in the house.  I have no idea what to do for lunch so I may resort to a favourite tagliatelle with butter and cheese and a big salad.  Interestingly the dogs have just got up but had a quick whizz in the garden then gone straight back to bed completely ignoring me. At least they have twigged that if I am typing I am not much use to anybody and best left alone.

Right time for a second coffee and a think about the plan for the day. I think we are all in for lunch but Denzil will be working this evening and tomorrow is his long day so he will be out for both meals.  Next week is relatively quiet I have a dental appointment on Tuesday and I am going with Shiona to Benenden for some investigations on Thursday but other than that it is all quiet at the moment.  I have had an estimate to sort out the chicken run but it is going to be very expensive so I think I will be better off just buying gallons of weed killer and giving it a good spray in the early part of the year when the weeds are just appearing.  I think most of my little plants have survived the heat wave but the heuchera look rather sad and may not make it.  I have one big gap on the corner of a boarder and I thought I would put in a rose "Gertrude Jekyll" nice and scented and repeat flowering so hopefully an ideal plant for a dull corner.  

The pond pump needs cleaning again so that is a little extra job that needs doing and it is time to start feeding the fish as the water temperature is now up and they are coming up looking for grub. I am deliberately keeping them on short rations in the hope that they will stop breeding quite so prolifically. 

This is my kind of summer weather 20 degrees and sunny ideal.......
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