Saturday Morning

Good morning all, well at last my hair is manageable and I am no longer a shaggy pony.  Needles to say while I was at the hairdresser the occupational health people were on the phone wanting to come and assess Mike AGAIN.  James answered the phone and queried why we have to go through this all again and what exactly was they outcome they were hoping to achieve.  This went down like a lead balloon and the OT got quite stroppy with him.  So on my return I phoned and she got stroppy with me too anyway to cut a long story short we are being invaded by a psychologist, a psychiatric nurse and two OT's on Wednesday lunch time.  It is Denzil's birthday so I though we could have a party; should I lay on a buffet lunch?  I am furious not only do I have to leave my home to save my sanity but then I have to put up with the piccadilly circus that is our home. As you are well aware this has been going on for ages with no palpable results, they come, take copious notes, which no one ever reads, they go and nothing changes.  Mike says yes to every suggestion in the vain hope that they will go away and leave him alone.  As soon as they go he does precisely what he wants.  Guess who woke up with a panic attack after only three hours sleep.  I'm sorry if this sounds trivial but I am teetering on the edge and small hiccups are enough to tip me over.

Going to Shiona's is nice but we will be there alone as she is off to Scotland on Sunday morning I am anticipating coming home either Sunday night or Monday morning depending how bored we are. Rattling around some one else's house is not what I need but it is better than nothing.  At the end of the day running away cures nothing the mess is still waiting for you at home.  What I really need is something to take my mind off the situation so it would need to be something totally absorbing. What about hang gliding!!! I'm sure it would completely occupy my mind as I don't like heights.

Mike is beginning to make some movement and has made it as far as the coffee machine which is 3/4 of the way to the toilet so there is hope on the horizon.  May be it is just a case of waiting it out.

The beautiful new dog crate arrive yesterday so that is now in the car ready for todays journey and I need to pack my toothbrush and clean underwear and wake James who is sound asleep - I really hate to wake sleeping people especially when I know that they are not good sleepers.  I will take my iPad so I may be able to scribble a few words tomorrow morning.  I'm sorry if I sound as if I am whining but I am cross with they system and feel very let down.  I resent being forced out of my home which after all should be my sanctuary.  I hope you all have a good weekend we are covered in a blanket of cloud this morning and it looks very dull outside with not a glimmer of sunshine which fits my mood down to the ground.
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