Saturday morning

This is the new baby apparently the colour is called orkney grey and it only has 18,000 on the clock so just about run in.  It has the new Jaguar engine and gearbox so it should last me a good few years.
When we got home I had a minor meltdown do you think I could find the the registration document for the old car I ended up turning out piles of paper work but looking for things in a panic is never a good idea.  In the end I found it exactly where it should be so now I have all that paper work in one place ready to go when we get the call.  The dealer was very efficient and as they reckon to sell 60 cars per week they do have a massive turnover which means they can sell slightly cheaper than other dealers.

On Monday I will have to take a trip to the bank and make sure they know I am about to make a big purchase on my debit card.  Then it is just a case of waiting until the car is ready for collection so I am like a child at christmas.

A psychologist came to see Mike yesterday afternoon and spent time listening but as yet nothing seems to be forthcoming so we will paddle on as normal until we hear anything different.  The social worker who came and spoke to me said she would phone me back but she never did  so again we are waiting.  I am beginning to think that the professionals are just as stumped as I am and maybe there is nothing anyone can do so we will just have to weather the storm.  Anyway I am not going to let it beat me down so I will keep on keeping on.

The sun is shining this morning so I am going to enjoy that as I am sure it wont last we seem to have rain most evenings.  

Have a good weekend all.
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