Monday morning

Good morning all we have a bit of a cloudy sky this morning but plenty of bright sunshine too.  It is a comfortable 19 degrees and the nights have been a bit cooler thank heavens.  The gazpacho went down well for lunch and for supper we had some sticky chicken wings with a large salad and some creamed mushrooms.  The mushrooms didn't really fit the menu but they needed eating.  I left a portion available for Denzil when he came home but I see it is still there so I guess it will be my lunch for today. Left overs like this are a bit of a nuisance as it kind of mucks up todays menu.  Not that I had anything exotic planned.  

I noticed that some of my little plants have keeled over, that hot spell was just too much for them, but the majority have survived so that is OK but we really could use some rain.  I have placed an order for a pot grown rose to fill in the big gap so that will need looking after for the summer while it establishes.   However I am trying not to give myself too much work to do and as the green house has been left fallow I can spend some more time on the other plants.  It is very tempting to buy plants but then you have to look after them which is not always sensible if your plate is already full.  

The fish went mad when I threw a couple of big handfuls of koi sticks into the pond so they are really ready to eat the water temperature needs to be 10 degrees for the fish to want feeding and I guess we have reached that point.  Fish food is jolly pricy at £24 per tub but hopefully the tub will last a while. 
I still haven't got round to doing the filters but it is on my to do list which as usual is growing longer and longer.  

Tomorrow is going to be busy as Denny is coming and I have a dental appointment.  The dentist is in Maidstone which is a good 30 minutes drive away so I will have to leave in good time as it will be rush hour and the traffic will be bad. Although now that the schools have broken up it is noticeably lighter.

I am still thrilled with the new car although is it a less posh model than the last it has enough bells and whistles to keep me happy and more to the point it is only just run in for a diesel engine so it should have plenty more years of carefree motoring.  Well that is the theory anyway!!!! 

Today I would like to go to the bank and do some finance shuffling so that our savings are earning they best they can in these uncertain times.  I have heard some very disturbing stories of the freezing of joint accounts until probate has been done which could leave us up a gum tree if anything were to happen to Mike.  For this reason I am going to open a separate savings account with easy access but put it in my name only so it will be accessible.  Mike already has a separate savings account so he is covered if I keel over.  It seems sensible to me to make these adjustments at this stage of our lives as neither of us want to left with financial problems  at difficult time so anything I can do to ameliorate the situation now seems sensible.

OK time for a second coffee and get started on the days chores.
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