Monday morning

Good morning all well I guess summer is really here the temperatures are rising and by Wednesday they are due to be unbearable so now is the time to put my magic blinds to the test they certainly kept the heat in in the winter now lets see if they keep the heat out in the summer. Today I am going to ring up and find out about doing the chicken run and see what sort of price they want to do the job.  I have some fake lawn left and I was wondering if it might not look nice as a chequer board pattern with insets of fake grass.  

The dogs have just come back from their walk which is nice and early so it is not to hot but they still need 20 minutes or so cool down before they have breakfast.

What an indelicate way to sit but it keeps the parts cool

I had a good shop in Aldi yesterday and decided to make saltinbocca alla romana which we had with some potato gnocchi, so simple but oh so tasty.  Today with the heat in mind I intend a cold meat salad for lunch and possibly a pasty for supper depending how hungry we are.  My appetite drops dramatically in the heat.  

The line is already full of washing as now is the time to get some of the more dense items washed and out for an airing.  I washed my coverlet yesterday and it fills the whole machine.  The net curtains could also do with a wash but they go straight back up on the windows when they come out of the machine.

Well that is the plan for the day I am going to try to keep cool both physically and mentally and just keep motoring on.  
Have a great day and if you are a sun worshiper enjoy
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