Monday morning

Good morning all well here we are at the beginning of another week.  It has rained overnight and this morning it is windy cold and overcast.  We have had a dire weekend with Mike so today I am going to have a phone around to all the people who are supposed to be helping me.  So far I have had an endless supply of people coming and taking copious notes but nothing is changing and nothing is happening and I am reaching the end of my rope.  We are now at the stage where all our well being is being compromised by one cussed person who wants his own way.  Enough is enough if the professionals can't cope with him what do they think I can do? When the highlight of your day is going to bed there is something radically wrong.  I had a ring around my good friends and they are all in agreement that I can do no more and should get some significant help.  Frankly I think there is nothing left but a care home but how that is arranged I have no idea so I will have to do some research.  The other thing is lasting power of attorney which means I can deal with all the household stuff without his signature etc.  Since buying the car the bank accounts need sorting out and left over money needs to be dealt with sensibly which will be down to me so I will see if he will agree to hand over control to me.

Sorry to start the week with a rant but I am really at a loss as to what to do next I have tried everything I know how and nothing works which is exhausting.  It is not the physical work that is the problem it is the mental stress of dealing with an aggressive and abusive person who is having a dirty protest.  Although there are three people here it is not a three shift system so the problem is just spread amongst us and we are all suffering. Mike seems oblivious to the problems he is causing and is very happy to lie in bed and do absolutely nothing except wait for us to feed and water him and clear up the mess.  This is not acceptable behaviour so something is wrong with him mentally though he doesn't have either dementia or Alzheimer's he is divorced from reality.  So I am going to start with the mental health people and see what they have to say then it will be on to adult social services who came and took loads of notes and were never heard from again.  

In the mean time I have some nice chicken wings which I am going to roast off and serve with sweet and sour sauce and mushroom rice so at least lunch is sorted.  

Sorry to be so dismal but I really am at a low ebb and need to get things sorted for all of us to survive.
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