Monday morning

Good morning all this morning we have a clear blue sky with not one single cloud to be seen.  I don't suppose it will last all day but it is lovely to see for a change.

Yesterday went according to plan with little happening out of the ordinary except I managed to run out of washing up liquid - what a tragedy I have had to leave the pots and pans.  I stuffed the dishwasher to the gunwales but sadly that which did not fit will have to wait until I get some washing up liquid.  I must admit of all the things to run out of washing up liquid is not the most disastrous. 

I don't want to anger the gods of fate but Mike seems to have made a bit of effort and has made it as far as the dining room with his zimmer frame. It must be all of ten feet but it is an improvement so I am not complaining.  Another ten feet will see him as far as the toilet which will make my life a lot easier. Given it has taken a month to get this far I am not holding out any great hope.  He sat at the table for all of one minute before heading back to bed he wouldn't even wait for his coffee which was his reward for getting that far.  

Today I have a few chores to do like sorting out the bank so when I pay for the car they don't go into meltdown.  This is an item on the list of things you need to do before you pick up your car so they have obviously had problems before.  I am also going to phone up Lintran who make the best dog cages specially designed for the car you have. They also ask for the breed of dog so the cage is the right size. They come with or without a lockable gun draw.  As I am shooting so rarely these days I think I will go for without which will give more room for the dogs.  I have managed up to now without so it is not something I really need.

I also need to make a hair appointment as the shaggy pony look really doesn't suit me.  I would like an appointment for early in the morning then if it happens to be the same day as the car collection I can get both done in the same day with the minimum of fuss.

OK so that is the plan now to put it into action and don't forget the washing up liquid!!!!!!!!

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